Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Our Seventh Anniversary

Yesterday, July 10, Weber and I celebrated our seventh anniversary.  Sometimes it feels like we were just married yesterday and then there are times that I can't remember my life without him..  The geek in me particularly loved this anniversary because it's date is a palindrome,, 7-10-17.  This is a once in a lifetime occurrence…unless we live to be 155 and 160.  So how did we celebrate?

A few weeks ago Weber and I started asking each other what we wanted to do to celebrate this anniversary.  It was too hot to do anything outside.  We are both trying to be intentional about our food choices so an indulgent meal just because it was our anniversary didn't sound appealing to either one of us.  And then the decision was made for us…we needed to be home because a less than professional gutter installer was supposed to come back to fix a horrible job he did installing new gutters at our house a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, he said he'd call when he was headed our way. So we weren't on total house arrest all day.

So, we went o our favorite coffee shop for breakfast and maybe a caramel macchiato…or two.  We then went home and did a few chores.  Innthe afternoon, i had a pedicure while Weber went to Target.  We then went to Chipotle for lunch/dinner.  This was followed by a trip to the gym for our regular workouts so that we could treat ourselves to some frozen yogurt afterwards, without feeling guilty.   It was a perfect day…except for the fact that the gutter guy never did show up.

We so enjoy our simple everyday life that doing something different, supposedly special, seemed more like stressful than celebratory.  It felt funny coming to that realization.  And then I thought, what’s wrong with enjoying coffee and a breakfast sandwich together?  Or a simple dinner and a trip to the gym?  Or conversation over the evening MSNBC shows?  Nothing!  To be genuinely happy with the every day is such a blessing!

We did exchange a few non-traditional gifts.  What says “I love you " more than Lego, a camera lens, and Flintstones DVDs?  NOTHING!  These are perfect gifts!  Weber knows me well.  And, he enables all of my addictions...er, interests.

A funny thing about gifts and this being our seventh anniversary…one of the contemporary gifts for this anniversary is wool.  We could have gone yarn shopping to celebrate!!!  I like yarn too!!  I have no doubt that if I had told Weber that that is what I wanted to do on our anniversary, he would have made it happen.  That’s the kind of guy he is.  And I love him more than words can express.