Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Mom Really Wants

For the past couple of weeks the newspaper, TV, radio, and every business who has my email address has been telling me what mom really wants for Mother's Day.

According to Amazon mom wants a Kindle.
According to Barnes and Noble she wants a Nook.
According to Apple she wants the New iPad.
According to Ross she wants a blouse and a purse.
According to Kroger and FTD she wants flowers.
According to Victoria's Secret she wants lingerie.
According to Staples she wants printer cartridges.
According to Macy's she wants a mixer, waffle iron and electric skillet.
And according to the restaurant industry mom wants to spend the day eating her way across town.

I wonder if anyone asked mom what she wanted.  Sure, maybe a Kindle or a Nook would be nice.  I personally prefer the iPad.  A blouse means more laundry.  I don't think it is mom who really wants the lingerie.  (Nice try, dads!)  Printer cartridges??  For real??  And why does mom need all of the kitchen appliances if she is going to eat her way across town?  Oh yeah, so she can cook the other 364 days, or 365 as is the case this year.

Though many of these things might be nice to have, I'll tell you what mom really wants.  Mom wants to know that she's appreciated.  Mom wants to know that all those times that she put others before herself did not go unnoticed.  Mom wants not to be taken for granted.  Mom wants to know that she is loved.

If you are wondering, this mom was not disappointed.

Weber and I were out of town this weekend - having nothing to do with eating our way across town or sexy lingerie.  Erin stayed at our house and took care of the dogs and cat.  That is a huge help to us and the dogs were much happier at home with her rather than at the kennel.  She also left us dinner for tonight in the fridge.  That was much appreciated as I am up against a writing deadline and didn't have time to cook when we got home.

I greatly appreciate all of these things, but she gave me the best Mother's Day gift a week or so ago when she sent me this video link with a message that said, "This reminds me of you."

It's nice to know that I have made it past the middle of the night feedings, the terrible twos, chicken pox, book reports and science fair projects, puberty, proms, 472 sports games a week, and everything in between and my kids are still speaking to me.  Being their mom is the best job ever!

Thanks for making me a happy mom.  I love you.