Saturday, June 9, 2007

Observations From NYC: The Sequel

Here are the last of the pictures from New York. There is nothing spectacular here, just the everyday images of the city.

This horse just had "a look".

I am still fascinated by the tranquility that is found in Central Park.

The first time the girls were in New York, about nine years ago, they called this the troll bridge.

I couldn't resist this one.

Yesterday we went to Chinatown for the infamous "Coach purses." Erin did get one but she was not thrilled about the process - make sure no cops are around, shove four people into the "secret closet" behind the vendor stall, "that will be $30, Okay, $25, how about $22?" She was much happier buying this hat on a corner of Fifth Avenue.

Here is Offspring #2 and our adopted third child for the week. Lainey spent much of her free time and had many after show dinners with us. We promised her mom that we would take care of her on the trip. She is a great kid and we'll take her anytime. She and Erin share an interest in drama and she and Brooke talked comic books-especially Batman.

Offspring No.1 with Bailey. Bailey and Erin are stage buddies. They have done several shows together. At the beginning of this trip, Bailey told Brooke she was scary because she had blue hair and big feet. After five days, they are best buds. They spent a couple of hours playing together in the airport while we waited for a slightly late plane to depart.

I don't know exactly where this sculpture was. Since it looks like the image from stamps a few years ago, I might venture a guess that it was in front of a post office but I am not sure. I just liked it. This is definitely a point and shoot picture!

The last show we saw was Legally Blonde. I did not have high hopes for this one but I was pleasantly surprised. It was energetic, well done, and had some great one-liners. We have all been humming "Oh my God, Oh my God you guys" all day. I am looking forward to watching the Tony Awards tomorrow night. Having seen so many shows, I have half a hope of knowing what they are talking about!

Though we had a fun time, we are all glad to be home. Brooke missed "her" kitchen and TV time. Erin missed her social life. We all missed the dogs. Liz picked them up from the vet this afternoon so they were here when we got home. Yeah! They seemed glad to see us. We will all be happy to sleep in our own beds tonight. I am sure that the vet did not provide a king-sized bed with extra pillows for these spoiled mutts.

Speaking of bed, I am still on east coast time where it is an hour later. I should go to bed.