Tuesday, May 21, 2013

140/365 Where I Live

"Home IS Where My Heart Is"

Just as I finished taking this photo yesterday, the news of the terrible devastation in Oklahoma started pouring in.  It felt wrong to post a picture of my home when so many people had lost not only their homes but their children and loved ones.  My prayers are with all those whose lives have been torn apart by Brother Wind.  May God give them strength, courage, love and a sense of community as they begin to rebuild not only their homes, but their loves.

As I post this now, I do so with much thanksgiving for what I have but knowing that it could all be gone in only minutes.  This place holds many, many memories from many, many years - some good and others not so good.  We are doing our best now to create more of the good ones.  Still, this is only a material place; the true home of our memories is in our hearts and souls.