Friday, January 18, 2013

18/365 Doorway

"1900's Texas Ranch House"

I struggled with what to do today.  I do have a fascination with doors and windows.  I particularly love the colorful ones found on many of the buildings in New Mexico.  That is the image I had in my head and I could think of nothing close that was even comparable.

I then remembered a picture I had taken when we were in Assisi back in 2009.  It too is full of color.

I spent the day thinking about where to go and what to photograph.  I finally decided that the Farmers Branch Historical Park surely must have at least one building with an interesting door.  As soon as Weber got home from school, we went to see what we could find.  I've never explored the historical park.  We only had about an hour so today's exploration revolved solely around doors.

There were several pictures that I was relatively happy with.  Below is the "runner-up."

I find it rather interesting that I started the day wanting an image of a colorful doorway and ended up with a very stark black and white picture.  I guess I am an all or nothing kind of girl.