Tuesday, October 29, 2013

302/365 Ghostly


I had zero creativity working today, well at least as far as photography was concerned.  I think I used it all up in other places before I had a chance to take a photo for today.  For the first time in 302 days, I hid to used an archived picture to accomplish a photo for today.  

I did have a few ideas for techniques I would have liked to try, but I just couldn't muster the energy for it.  I gave it a few mediocre attempts and then I gave up.  I did do the post processing on this one today.  Hopefully that counts for something.

This image is of a window in an office building not too far from our house.  Im not at all sure what it is that can be seen in the window.  It could be some kind of curtains, or an odd reflection from somewhere or, it might really be a ghost:-)