Thursday, August 7, 2014

219/365-2 Summertime Beverage

"Every Little Drop"

Today was one of those days where, in my head, I could see clearly the shot that I wanted.  This isn't it.  Unfortunately the means to getting that shot was not nearly as clear to me.  So this is what there is.  

218/365-2 Just Enough

"On the Way Home"

I am behind here.  This is the photo for Wednesday, August 6th.  We had an adventure traveling home from Delaware to Dallas yesterday.  It was all good, but we got home very late.  Blueper B had quite a day.  He wrote about our travels on his blog yesterday.  I guess I spent too much time helping him and not enough time on my own writing.

This is an image of Weber and Blueper as we were leaving Salisbury.  I like the fact that I can see just enough of Weber's hat and computer bag strap to know that it is him.