Sunday, August 24, 2014

236/365-2 August Where I Stand

"Watermelon World"

To me, watermelon is the epitome of perfection.  It is what makes me look forward to the scorching hot Texas summers.  I fear that this may be one of the last good ones for this season.  The good news in that is that fall is just around the corner.  With that in mind, I plan to savor every chunk of this, possibly the last melon of the summer of 2014.

Today's photo of "Where I Stand" specifically asked us to pay attention to the fruits and veggies in our world.

235/365-2 August Portrait

"Double Header"

For the first time since 1992, no one our house needs back to school clothes.  (Weber and I consider it back to work clothes.)  And now, both of the girls are working.  That didn't keep us from shopping, though.  The girls and I had a nice afternoon at the mall.  We managed to find some pretty good deals!  They honored me with a very quick photo shoot when we got back to the house.

"Erin in August"

"Brooke in August"

Can you tell which one was the more willing participant.

I also had the opportunity to take some photos of one of my favorite people, a student who has also become a very good friend.    

"Sara and Max"

Max, a sheltie rescue, has just joined their family.