Friday, November 28, 2014

332/365-2 Thanks for Traditions

Stand Back and Watch"

For me there has been nothing traditional about Thanksgiving this year.  Because of my schedule and things that needed to be done here in Delaware, I have spent my first Thanksgiving away from home and away from the girls.  Weber and I were graciously invited to my aunt's house for the holiday meal.  It was nice to be with them as we have not seen much of each other lately except under stressful conditions.  Still, it was not like being at home.  So, photographing tradition today was kind of tough.

After taking care of a bunch of business this morning, Weber and I went to the beach this afternoon.  It was so cold down by the water.  Weber actually stayed in the car.  I bundled up and headed out with my camera and tripod.  The wind was strong that even with my camera on a tripod, I couldn't keep it steady.  None of today's pictures were very sharp, but unlike the fuzzy photos that I took in Dover, today I know why.

On this Black Friday, I kind of feel like these gulls, watching the crashing waves and being glad that I am standing on the sidelines.  The thought of going anywhere near a big shopping area today was not appealing at all.  I don't like big crowds of people and there is nothing that I want or need that is so important as to necessitate me having to deal with the mayhem that is Black Friday.  I will get my holiday shopping done, probably sitting at home in my PJ's late at night.  I love online shopping!!!

Being on the beach was not without its discomforts.  In addition to the wind, it was super cold.  My hands got so cold that I could no longer feel the shutter release button on my camera.  That is when I had to quit.  Even having bone cold hands that hurt once they were no longer numb was a more pleasant experience than shopping today would have been!

330/365-2 Thanks for a Colorful Scene

"Colorful Cold Sunset"

I am making up here for Wednesday's photo that eluded me.  The weather on Thanksgiving eve was just plain nasty.  Here is Lewes it was wet and cold and gray.  Fortunately we did not have any freezing precipitation, like was the case just a little bit north of us.  Nonetheless, the day was not pretty; there were definitely no colorful scenes to be photographed.  In my current lack of creativity I couldn't think outside the box so that prompt had to wait until today.

It was still quite cold, but the sun was shining.  We took a stroll down to the beach.  The water was so blue.  It actually looked cold to me.  The Setting sun brightened the sky and warmed up the image a little.  The scene is much more colorful than anything I saw on Wednesday!  I particularly like the book dancing across the water.