Friday, November 14, 2014

318/365-2 A Quiet Place

"Sleepy Boy"

Our boy likes to talk - mostly about food.  He also likes to tell us how happy he is when we get home, which usually takes at least an hour.  He likes to talk to the critters outside.  He also likes to tell us how much he loves us.  When he finally finds his quiet place, the rest of us can also enjoy a quiet place.

317/365-2 Holding On To Memories

"Making Memories of Pumpkin Bread"

At this time of year my mom always used to make pumpkin bread, a favorite treat of mine.  When I got married (the first time) she copied by hand many of my favorite recipes from my childhood (and of few of her favorites that have never made it on to my favorites list).  For many years, I pulled the card for the pumpkin bread straight out of the box and used it as it was, unprotected from the drips of pumpkin, vanilla and who knows what other ingredients.  In my youth, I had no idea how much I would later value having these recipes written and preserved by my mother's hand.  I still make this recipe many times a year, but the recipe card is now protected by a plastic sleeve.  I have also typed and saved the recipe on my computer, but for some reason, the pumpkin bread just doesn't taste right if it is not made by reading from the stained and smudged blue index card.