Thursday, January 3, 2013

3/365 Repetition


Repetition is one of those words that conjures up both positive and negative feelings.  People talk about the repetitive nature of their jobs and that usually makes its way to them saying that their job is boring.  The message here: repetitiveness = boredom.  Yet, repetition also creates comfort, security and a sense of well-being. Babies like the repetitive motion of being rocked.  Adults like routine to their day whether they want to admit it or not.  And, engaging in repetitive motions -  like hanging laundry on a line, knitting, doing dishes or weaving - allows our bodies to stay busy but our minds to be free, free to stay in touch with what is going on inside ourselves.  There is truth to the Shaker saying, "Hands to work, hearts to God."

As I thought about today's prompt, I wanted to take a picture that was both an image of repetition but also of the comforting aspects of repetition.  We try to sit down together at the dinner table every evening.  This routine gives me comfort and joy no matter how chaotic or unpleasant the rest of my day has been. Repetition can be beautiful.