Wednesday, May 1, 2013

121/365 #EYELOVE

"Seeing Lens to Lens"

Apparently May is eye health month. The CY365 team has decided to gear many of this month's photography prompts toward our eyes.  Though certainly reasonable for a community of photographers, that is a tough way to go for someone who is legally blind!  Many people posted  pictures today on the CY365 community page talking about how grateful they are for good eyesight that allows them to be photographers.  

This photo shows an article that I had published in which I talked about my experience as a legally blind photographer.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my story and I love the fact that it may inspire someone to try something that they once thought my be impossible for them.

120/365 Harsh Light

Sorry!  I fell asleep and forgot to post this yesterday.

"The Light of His World"

"Frisbee Fiend"

Harsh light and white balance issues may make a black lab look blue, but better lighting would not have made this picture any more flattering.  When you have grass and slobber hanging out of your mouth, the aesthetic is what it is!