Wednesday, November 27, 2013

331/365 Grateful for Home Made

"Grateful for Bread"

Since Brooke has been home with us, and even more since the girls started their bread baking business, we never have a shortage of freshly baked bread.  For me, the carbohydrate addict, this is like heaven on earth.  I, however, do not take this abundance of bread for granted.  It is a spiritual thing to watch all of the ingredients, separate as they are, come together into these beautiful loaves.  The process is sometimes long and rather meticulous.  Temperatures and time are important.  

Bread at our house is not uncared for or unwanted.  And, it is certainly not taken for granted.  

As we approach these next days of holiday celebrations, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, let us be even more mindful of the bread that we break with our families and friends, that we acknowledge its role in nourishing our bodies and our souls.  Let us also remember those who are lonely and hungry in body and spirit.  Pray that they too will be fed.