Wednesday, August 14, 2013

226/365 Bonus

"Bonus Bunny"

The point of today's photo prompt was to look for "bonuses" in our shots - those things that you did not see when you were taking the photo but when you look at the image on the computer, they are a cool addition to the picture.  As someone who doesn't see well, I often find these bonuses in my shots.  Today, however, was not really one of those days.  

We spent the day taking animals to the vet for their annual checkups.  It was easier to make two trips than to take Adidas the dog and Frankie the cat at the same time.  I also went to school for a little bit this morning and we squeezed in lunch with a friend.  All this to say that today was a packed day.  I waited until this evening to even attempt the day's photo.

I took a walk out into the yard hoping that I might find an interesting insect or a spider web attached to a flower.  Or, maybe a bird flying by.  Something.  Growing frustrated with the lack of interesting things that I was finding, I decided to see what our neighbor's yard might have.  As I turned, I saw this little guy/gal sitting not too far from me.  Not expecting him/her to be there I was not prepared for the picture, but I shot anyway.  Though it is soft, I like the light in the ears and the white cottontail.

I stood around and watched for awhile.  The bunny didn't seem too concerned that I was there, but I also didn't try to invade her space either.  If only I'd had a long lens on my camera.

Sorry about the bunny pictures, Erin!  Just remember I did add a sunflower picture just for you a few days ago.