Monday, April 28, 2014

118/365-2 The Number Four

"Four Inches"

I had hoped that on our trip home from Delaware we would either depart or arrive at a gate with the number 4 in it or that our seats would be in a row with a 4.  No such luck.  

After I got myself squared away for school this week, I sought something for today's photo.  Fresh out of ideas and inspiration,  I was counting on the muse and the muse seemed to have already gone to sleep for the night.  With the plane trip still on my mind, I remembered the sock that I had started knitting as we took off from Philadelphia.  I wondered just how much I had knit on the cuff of that sock...

  Score! It was exactly four inches long!

By the time I took this shot, the muse had indeed gone to sleep.  That was OK because her work was done during the three and half hour flight home.

A few more flights like today and I have should have this sock done.  And, this is sock number TWO!