Saturday, June 28, 2014

179/365-2 Traditional Attire; June Portrait

"A Natural Bond"

Today's prompt was supposed to be all about portraiture, more specifically, portraiture  focusing on the "tradition; attire" of the subject.   I knew that the structure of today did not allow itself to a dedicated portrait session with anyone and I had no hopes of any interesting traditional attire.

I am still committed to taking at least one shot of each of the girls every month.  It is nearly the end of June and I had not taken photos of either of them yet.  Because we were out of town, I have not seen Erin much during June and Brooke's work schedule makes it a little difficult to get "nice" photos of her.

This morning, we all went out for breakfast followed by a trip to one of the local farmers' markets.  Being amidst all of the fresh fruits and vegetables may not constitute "traditional attire", but it is natural surroundings since we all love our fruits and veggies.  Though I did not take portraits of the girls, I did a few good "street" shots of both of them.

However, rather than play favorites with regard to today's "official" picture of the day, I decided to go with option #3 and use the photo of the sweet little boy, and his goat.  In his jeans and t-shirt and with his long curly hair glistening in the sunlight, I figure this is probably his traditional attire.  I love the bond between him and the little goat.

Erin used to wear hats all the time.  At one point, she had quite the collection.  I'm glad to see them making a comeback.  She can pull off just about any hat you put on her head!