Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Feast Of Saint Francis

Today is the feast day of St. Francis, the day that he met, with joy, Sister Bodily Death. As I sit reflecting on this day, I find myself thinking about Francis' last words. As he lay dying, Francis wrote the beautiful Canticle of The Sun. These words, in my mind, have remained unmatched over time in terms of how they convey the awe that Francis had for God's work. He died having given thanks and praise to God for all of God's amazing creation. I find myself wondering what he might have said to those of us left on earth, back then and today. The following poem is the result of my meditation on this question.

What Now, Francis?

Waste not
your tears on me;
on what was
or could have been,
maybe should have been.
Save your weeping
for those who live -
the hungry, the thirsty, the cold,
the sick, the beaten, the longing
For those who still have breath.

Turn all your tears to hope,
To fuel God’s work,
the death of injustice, pain, and suffering,
With joy.

Cry not for me;
I have eternal life in Christ.
Weep only,
as I do,
For God’s hurting people on earth.

KME 10/4/07