Friday, April 25, 2014

115/365-2 At Last

"40 Years In The Garden"

This photo is of a statue in my dad's garden, which was my grandparents' garden. I have been looking at it for over 40 years. I was really too tired to carefully think through the photograph, but I learned several things from this photo. 1. Check your camera settings. Somehow my camera was set on VIVID, thus the bizarre coloration. 2. Though we don't always know why, every shot we take is done so for a reason, often through the subconscious. As I looked at this on my iPad, I realized that the stance of this figure is where I want to be this weekend. 3. Though I was happy with this shot on a personal level, I wasn't sure photographically. I started playing around with iPad apps. I put a frame on this just for fun. Suddenly the photo become something completely different. This made me realize that I really need to have prints made, find mats and frames, and hang some of my photos.

114/365-2 April Showers

"Late April Shower"

This has been a __________ week.  I'm not even sure what word or words to put in that blank; and frankly, it is probably better that I don't try to figure it out.  I suspect it would not be pretty!

Obviously this entry is being posted a day late.  Let me explain why.  We are in Delaware again this weekend, having left Dallas early this morning.  When we got home from school yesterday we had to do the supply run for The Hoot And The Howl.  (Please leave me a loaf or two in the freezer!). Then we had to pack.  Somewhere in there we had homemade spinach pizza. For dinner.  And I dumped a whole bunch of photos off of my memory card.

Because our flight boarded ar5:50am, I decided that I would shower and wash my hair last night.  As I headed to the shower at 9:45, I remembered that I had not taken a photo.  It had been a beautifully sunny day; not a shower in sight.  And by this time it was a really dark night, not ideal for photography. I was clueless as to what to do.  I thought about skipping yesterday and "making up" the photo "later."  As I stood in the shower enjoying the warm water running down my back, I came to the realization that I would feel bad about skipping a day.  Let me clarify here that this is a self imposed guilt trip.  The CY365 community is quite understanding and supportive when life's circumstances get in the way of our daily photos.

So, this photo is a desperate attempt to not miss a day.

It is April and this was a shower, right?

After taking a shower and a photo and drying my hair, I headed to the computer to upload my photo, write a blog post and print our boarding passes.  My computer was not on board with me.  It had been temperamental earlier in the day; now it was 100% non-compliant.  Weber ran some diagnostics only to discover that it's hard drive had irreparable errors.  Translation:  my hard drive crashed.

At 10:45, Weber wiped the hard drive and started a reinstall from the time capsule back-up, an eighteen hour process according to my computer.  We finally went to bed at midnight so that we could get our full three hours of sleep before heading to the airport.

The good news in all this is that the process went more quickly than expected.  At 4am, when we left the house, my computer seemed to be up and running.  We did not have a chance to do much so whether or not all is well has yet to be determined.  The other unknown in whether or not the pictures that I dumped off of my camera card made it into the most recent backup.  I'll have to wait until I get home to see.

Except for beginning too early, today has been much better 

*I am posting this from my iPad using the Blogger app and I don't know how to enable comments.  I will try to figure that out!