Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Integrated Rhyme or Rhymed Integration?

Back in March of 2007 I posted a list of things that suggest that your child might be a nerd. Two years later, there is no question that I have raised not one but two nerds.

Below is confirmation that Offspring No. 2 is definitely a nerd.

Nerdy Friend at 8:20pm January 10
Hahaha...I miss being a nerd.

Offspring No. 2 at 8:21pm January 10
Have you STOPPED being a nerd in the past two hours?

Nerdy Friend at 8:22pm January 10
Yes! I watched TV for the first time in, like, four months.

Offspring No. 2 at 8:23pm January 10
Hon, I don't think that detracts ANY from your nerdiness.

Nerdy Friend at 8:27pm January 10
You know what? Just because I'm watching a video on YouTube called U Can't Graph This doesn't mean I'm a nerd.

Offspring No. 2 at 8:29pm January 10
Right. And just 'cause you spent your entire Saturday giddy about Authors and Literary Terms doesn't mean anything either. You're just an average American teenager.

Nerdy Friend at 8:33pm January 10
Hey. At least I don't do math in my head for fun.

Offspring No. 2 at 8:36pm January 10
At least my math knowledge is useful. How many times do you actually think to yourself, "Wow. I'm really glad I know that Robert Penn Warren won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947"?

Nerdy Friend at 8:38pm January 10
You totally looked that up.
And how many times a day do you integrate?

Offspring No. 2 at 8:56pm January 10
I did. And I am proud to say I didn't know if off the top of my head.
I use integrals every time I'm trying to find area under a curve...or velocity from an acceleration equation. you mean, you don't?

Nerdy Friend at 8:58pm January 10
No. I don't. But, like Kathryn, I order things with masculine rhyme titles.

Offspring No. 2 at 9:00pm January 10
Umm, "Bacon Cheeseburger"? I may not be in lit-crit, but I'm pretty sure that's not masculine rhyme...

Nerdy Friend at 9:01pm January 10
Yeah. You know what? Maybe I wasn't talking about Chili's.

Offspring No. 2 at 9:07pm January 10
Maybe, Miss English girl, you should have phrased your ideas differently, so as to relay the proper message; perhaps, "I notice when I order things with masculine rhyme titles?"

BTW, is it a masculine rhyme title or a masculinely rhythmic title?

Innocent Bystander No. 1 at 10:05pm January 10
that is the best status conversation i have ever read. ever.

Innocent Bystander No. 2at 1:15am January 11
Wow. All this math talk is getting me all hot and... sleepy. ;)

Nerdy Friend at 3:41pm January 11
I think masculinely rhymed title.

Offspring No. 2 at 6:09pm January 12
That, to me, suggests that it was purposefully "rhymed" that way.

Nerdy Friend at 9:54pm January 13
I'm sure someone in Chili's upper management was an English major.