Monday, August 12, 2013

224/365 Play

"Serious Play"

It was way too hot here today for any outdoor play.  Even Adidas did not want to go outside and play with his frisbee.  I possibly could have bribed Harley and the cat to engage in a little rough housing, but to photograph just a moment of their antics looks a whole lot more serious than it really is.  I didn't want any calls from the SPCA about the cat abusing the dog.  So, Erin became the lucky target of my camera today.  Lucky for me, she is always photogenic!

The kids played around with Tiddlywinks that we brought back from England.  This is a game that we all associate with children; however, it was actually designed by a group of Cambridge University students as a competitive "sport" to be played between various colleges.  The serious look on Erin's face is a testament to the fact that it is actually harder than it looks.