Sunday, January 20, 2013

20/365 Playing

"Rock Music"

"Playing" as a prompt offers endless possibilities.  However, this afternoon when I had the time to take pictures, all of my usual subjects were sound to sleep on the couch.  Neither Weber, the dogs or the cat were interested in any kind of playing.  If the prompt had been sleeping,  I would have been in business!

I'm not sure how or why it got started, but there seems to be a "thing" on the CY365 site for photographing the Lego mini figures.  I suspect it began because it is an inexpensive way to practice various photography techniques without having to deal with a moving subject.

I got my first figure last weekend.  Until today, he had just been sitting on the shelf in my office.  In an attempt to photograph to the day's prompt, I decided that I would play with him. Thanks to having our yard dug up yesterday so that the gas line could be replaced, there is a huge pile of rocks out front.  What better backdrop for a rocking out DJ than a big pile of rocks.

As I was sitting on the ground taking these pictures, our next door neighbor was out in her yard with her boyfriend.  I don't know what they were doing or saying, but I suspect their conversation was probably something along the lines of, "Things must be really boring over there if the most exciting way she can find to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon is to photograph rocks!"