Sunday, April 20, 2014

110/365-2 Gathered

"Happy Easter"

This year's Lenten journey was a meaningful one for me, filled with much opportunity for prayer and reflection.  That makes the Holy Week liturgies all the more meaningful and the celebration of Christ's resurrection a time of pure joy.  All that said, by the time I had sung the seventh service in five days, three of which in a period of sixteen hours, I was exhausted.  

We did have a family gathering for lunch after the second service this morning.  Brooke prepared a tasty brunch - baked eggs, roasted asparagus, salad and homemade biscuits that did double duty first with butter then with strawberries. Yum!

The energy level amongst us was quite low.  Not only was I tired, Erin was dragging after spending her morning in the church nursery with sugared-up kids and so was Brooke after all of the meal preparation.  I had hoped top take a photo with all of us, but it was happening today.  When I am too tired to take pictures, I am really tired!

After everyone left, I took a nap, a several hour nap.  I awoke with just enough daylight to snap a few quick shots.  Because we were all so tired, we didn't even touch the Easter candy, not that I bought much.  So, these ignored chocolate eggs were gathered up for today's photo.

Happy Easter, everyone!