Thursday, January 16, 2014

16/365-2 Reserved

"Reserved for Family"

Some day's photos are marked by creativity and some by pure reality.  Today's is the latter.  This afternoon we celebrated the life of my dear friend who passed away suddenly on Sunday.  Though there was sadness and sorrow amidst us, there was also an abounding sense of love and joy because we had all been blessed by knowing this person.

Today really brought home how significant the daily photo prompts can be.  Of all the beautiful moments shared today, why a photo of empty pews?  The obvious answer is because the prompt was "reserved."  That may have been the impetus, but that is not the real meaning to me in this photo.  I don't need the faces of those people in the pews to know what they looked like or how they felt.  The emptiness  shown here is something that every single person in the church today felt in some way or another.  And though these markers indicate the place for "family," we are all a family, a family that misses its sister.  Had I not read the prompt this morning, I probably would have overlooked this detail of the day.

This was literally a "one shot deal" taken with my phone.  Another lesson learned is that I need to use my phone more often.  I can always delete the images if I decide that I don't want them, but I can't recreate them if I realize that I do..