Wednesday, July 10, 2013

191/365 Ordinary Moment

"Ordinary Anniversary"

Today is our anniversary.  When asked how long we have been married, our typical response is "forty-six years but only three to each other."  We had a short conversation about what we wanted to do to celebrate and came to the conclusion that we are pretty happy with our ordinary days and didn't really want or feel the need to do anything special.

I gave my last final exam of the summer term this morning.  Weber picked me up at school and we went and had a simple lunch at one of our favorite local cafes.  Afterwards, we came home home and I graded exams, averaged grades and figured out how to enter my grades using our new online system.  I think that I was successful!  I got all that done and we had time for a nap!

Being that today is our anniversary and we couldn't think of anything out of the ordinary to do, I laughed when I saw that the prompt for today was to photograph an ordinary moment.  I didn't have a sense of what I wanted to photograph.  I had ordered a couple of new Lego mini figures the other day; they arrived this afternoon.  The creative wheels started turning and I decided to have a little fun with them.

Most of the figures in today's picture came from the Lego wedding cake topper.  Who knew such a thing existed?  (It is a good thing that I wasn't so addicted to mini figures when we got married :-)  I had to mix a few pieces from other mini figures to get these scene just right.  The bride came with three different hair color choices.  The blonde worked OK.  The original groom's head had to much dark hair.  So, I swapped his head with the grandpa's head in the Series 10 mini figures.  He looks like Weber, don't you think?  

The set also came with champagne glasses.  We don't drink champagne very often; coffee, however is another story!  The grandpa figure has a coffee cup as does the librarian so I borrowed them.  Since we had decided to spend our day more or less quietly at home, the "shhh" on the librarian's mug made me laugh.

Then there is the dog . . . .the dog belongs to the trendsetter figure but looks so much like Harley we had to include her here.  Harley is happiest right smack in the middle of us.  It doesn't matter if we are sitting on the couch, at the desk in the office, or in bed.  Her preferred spot is in the middle.  

The color in the background is flowers that Weber had waiting for me when I got home from school.

Thankfully, most of my days involve a little fun and photography.  This seemed like a reasonable way to document our third anniversary and a few slices of the ordinary moments that create our wonderful life together.

And Lego is a whole lot more fun than leather, which is what Weber discovered is the designated gift for one's third anniversary.