Wednesday, December 17, 2014

351/365-2 The Number "5"

"Take Five"

This time of year can become so hectic as we try to accomplish all those things that we think we should - home decorations that are acceptable to even Martha Stewart, holiday meals that are tasty, pretty and liked by everyone, finding the perfect gift for all those on your gift-giving list and so on.  If we stop long enough to engage a bit of rational thought, we will realize that none of these things is what makes Christmas happy, joyful or merry.  Just being with the one's we love is what is important.  Perhaps we could all benefit from "taking five" to slow down and focus on what Christmas really is...and what it isn't.

Throughout this year, each month has had a number prompt to photograph.  I have failed miserably with all of them.  I'm not sure why.  I am kind of a number geek, but on the days when these particular prompts reared their ugly faces, numbers eluded me.  Today's shot was a desperate attempt at photographing the number five.  But least I got to take advantage of the Christmas tree that we finally got up and decorated!