Sunday, November 16, 2014

320/365-2 Give Thanks for Home Cookin'

"Oatmeal for Dinner"

I am truly chuckling as I post today's photo...of cooking from scratch???  I do enjoy cooking ...from scratch.  I do cook most of our meals...from scratch.  Today just didn't happen to be one of those days.  After church this morning we had a fantastic lunch with a group of our most treasured friends.  Lunch was delightful and filling.  When dinnertime rolled around, neither of us was particularly hungry.  Finally I decided that I should eat something...and oatmeal it was.  In my defense, it was not instant oatmeal!  The stove was used and there was a cook time that exceeded one minute.  And, I added the milk and brown sugar myself.  Surely that counts for something on the home cooking scale, doesn't it?  Honestly, oatmeal was the perfect comfort food on this chilly snowy night.