Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Liesl Forever

For nearly two months we have spent every night at rehearsal for Denton Community Theatre's production of The Sound of Music. It was an outstanding production all the way around. The director was fantastic, the cast was talented, and the crew did a great job as well. And for Erin, who played Liesl Von Trapp, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Because this was Erin's "first big role", we all thought carefully about what to give her as a memorable gift on opening night. Because she is incredibly spoiled, there was no lack of praise or gifts for her as the curtain went up two weeks ago. Liesl's big number in the show is "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." Liz found a beautiful music box of Liesl and Rolf dancing in the gazebo and, yes, it plays "Sixteen Going on Seventeen."

Surfing the Internet one night I found a book titled Forever Liesl. As it turns out it is the story of the making of the movie of The Sound of Music as told by the actress who played Liesl. Many differences exist between the stage and screen versions of this time-honored classic, especially in the character of Liesl. So, I was not sure whether something that focused on the movie would be an appropriate gift. After a little more in depth web surfing, I discovered that this actress, Charmian Carr, is alive and well and that it is possible to contact her. If I could get her to autograph the book for Erin, perhaps that would overshadow the fact that it centered on the making of the movie rather than the stage show. Charmian Carr was kind enough to write a lovely inscription to Erin wishing her as much joy playing Liesl as she herself had had.

BK also gave Erin a beautiful silver charm bracelet with a "16", sixteenth notes, and the comedy and tragedy masks. The hope is that as she does more shows, Erin will add a charm for each.

Needless to say, the memories of this show will linger for quite some time. Thankfully, this is because it was such a positive experience. In addition to all of the gifts, many pictures were taken and also will preserve the memories.

Here are just a few.

"Liesl and Rolf"

"Liesl and Maria"

"The Von Trapp Family Singers at the Kaltsburg festival"

"Von Trapp family portrait"

"Follow every rainbow, til you find your dream."