Sunday, June 2, 2013

153/365 Converted

"Let Me Entertain You"

All the kids were here for dinner tonight.  I didn't have to cook a thing!  I did, however, have to clean the kitchen, but I would have had to do that if I had cooked so it worked out well.

In the process of the evening's discussion, Offspring No. 2, who works in childcare, was ranting about how kids these days can't entertain themselves for more than thirty seconds at a time.  The girls were remembering how they could keep themselves busy reading, drawing and doing puzzles for extended periods of time.  I was feeling good about at least a few of my parenting skills.  Then I noticed my youngest child entertaining herself by building structures with the asparagus remnants that she had just cut.  She was quite happy for a good fifteen minutes.  I'm not sure I want to take credit for a twenty year old who is happily entertained by using vegetable discards as building blocks.

You might be wondering what this photo has to do with converted.  The answer? A resounding, "nothing."  The idea was to take a photo that could be converted to black and white and that it would retain its integrity.  Somehow the asparagus here lost some of their appeal in black and white.