Monday, June 3, 2013

154/365 Dandelion

"A is for Apricot"

 . . . and D is for dandelion as well as for my success with today's prompt.  There were no dandelions anywhere in our neighborhood today.  I remembered that I had taken a picture of a dandelion awhile back on a day when the prompt had something to do with flowers in the garden or something like that.  I looked back through my archives to find that picture.  It was taken on February 17th!  It doesn't seem like that much time has passed - nearly four months, a third of the year.

Though I had no dandelions to photograph, we do have lots of apricots.  Erin brought us twenty pounds of them.  Brooke has made apricot butter and apricot jam and I think there are plans for an apricot crisp . . .and we will probably still have apricots left.

Though I have clearly earned a "D" for my inability to follow the prompt today, can I at least have an "A" for effort?  At least I posted something relevant to my day.