Sunday, November 17, 2013

321/365 Grateful for Special Friends

"Daddy's Little Girl"

These two have a special bond.  I'm convinced that the story of their coming together is one of those "God Things." 

I wrote here about the day that Harley came to live with me.  The part of the story that occurred before I got to the knit shop that day is what makes this picture most fascinating. (What I am about to say will not make complete sense unless you have read the earlier post.)

Prior to me arriving at the knit shop on that cold February day,  Alissa had called Weber's then wife, who was a mutual friend (Don't go jumping to conclusions; its not what it sounds like!) to see if perhaps she wanted a puppy.  She and Weber had just lost the last of their dogs and Alissa thought that maybe they were ready for another.  Without much thought, the response was  "No!"  Since this conversation occurred during the school day, Weber was not home and was not consulted on the decision.

Fast froward almost two years....Weber was divorced.  Mike and I were divorced.  Weber and I were dating and discussing our future together.  A year after that we were married and were renovating Weber's house, the house where Harley would have lived from the beginning had Weber's ex-wife agreed to take her in the first place.

Scroll down through this post to see how the two of them like to spend their Christmas Day.

She was meant to be Weber's girl.  It sure was a crazy ride getting to this point!