Wednesday, February 20, 2013

51/365 Look Up

"Bubble Wrap and Chicken Wire"

I have learned that Wednesdays are not days for me to expect anything good to come of my picture taking.  I have so little time for the things I need to do forget the things I want to do.  I was hurrying across campus this afternoon and first noticed the slim tree framed by the edges of two buildings.  Then I saw the "art" - I believe it is bubble wrap encased in chicken wire.  This certainly is not what I expected to see when looking up.  I had my phone in my hand a took a few shots.  I'm not happy with any of them.  They were all taken from eye level.  I probably would have liked them better if I could have shot from the ground up.  I wasn't willing to do that at that particular moment.  So this is what I got - mostly disappointment.  I may go back this weekend and try again.

In a desperate attempt to make myself feel better, I took this shot, again with my phone, looking up at home.  Its only redeeming value is that this is how I feel on Wednesdays - fast and furiously moving in circles!


Tomorrow will be a much slower paced day.  Thank goodness!