Tuesday, August 7, 2007

High Fiber Diet: Main Course

Because we are all smart people, Alissa, BK , and I all left for New Mexico with ample knitting projects to keep us busy while away. BK was knitting a baby blanket for a little person who arrived just before we left, Alissa was knitting socks from yarn she had spun, and I was making Elizabeth Zimmerman's Adult Surprise Jacket. However, none of us could overcome the temptation to visit yarn shops in Taos. It won't hurt to just go look! Yeah, right.

On the recommendation of someone who came into our local yarn shop, we went to Taos Sunflower. It was like turning a bunch of five year-olds loose at Chuck E. Cheese. Look at this! Feel this! I want to make something with this! Look at the colors! What do you think I could do with this? Which color should I get? Should I buy an extra skein? Yes, it was sensory overload at its best and I loved every moment of it! When the voice of reason finally managed to get through to me, I bought only a hank of beautiful merino to add to my Surprise Jacket, some Lamb's Pride to make a Lucy Bag, and a skein of lace weight yarn to do "something" with. I know it sounds like I overindulged, but you have no idea how much restraint I showed. I really did!

Below is the view as you approach the shop. All of the brightly colored yarns are cheerful and inviting. It gets better on the inside. Not only is there more of the same as far as yarn goes, the staff is equally bright and cheerful.

The whole picture is so full of life.

The yarn is just an extension of the garden.

As we were leaving the shop, I noticed this old wagon.
Hmm. I could buy more yarn if I had something like this to haul it all up the mountain. Then I noticed the unassuming red building in the background. As I walked toward it just to see what it might be, I saw the sign that said "Pottery". Oh no! Another temptation.

I must confess that I was not able to overcome the urge to buy. I just had to have some. There will never be another opportunity to have these one of a kind pieces. Plus, the potter was personable, had a great sense of humor and he had dogs. Every weak spot I have was touched. I was not the only one. BK and Alissa also succumbed. Boy did we have fun!

We all headed back to the cabin with enough yarn to keep us busy in the mountains for another couple of weeks. It is a shame that we had to come home after only a week.

My girls, who had spent most of the week reading and watching DVD's of TV cop shows, got the knitting bug when they saw all the beautiful yarn that we had found. They had opted to go paint pottery of their own at a local studio while we went yarn shopping so they did not share our experience of the yarn shop. After their ooh's and aahs and a little whining about needing something to do with their hands, we all pulled up our big girl panties and sacrificed ourselves to take them to see the yarn on Saturday before we left to come home.

Brooke bought some 100% merino to make herself a hat and scarf. Maybe it is finally sinking in that she is going to freeze her butt off next year in Chicago. Erin found some yarn to make a hat for BK's grand baby who is due in December. Erin finished her hat this afternoon. Brooke is still working diligently on hers.

I am anxious to see all of the finished projects from our yarn indulgence. I hope to post pictures as things are finished.

Oh, one more confession. I was the only one of us who had "dessert". As we made our way back home, we stopped by Southwest Weaving. I bought a tabletop Navajo loom. I have a larger one but I never seem to have time to work on big projects. My rationale was that perhaps a smaller loom would afford me the opportunity to actually finish something. We'll see . . .It has not made its way out of the box yet.

For those desiring a high fiber diet, Taos definitely offers many five star "restaurants".