Tuesday, May 6, 2014

126/365-2 A Vision of Innocence

"Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience"

Innocence is not exactly a word that I would associate with Brooke.  I am not being judgmental, just realistic.  She played college rugby.  They drank beer out of cleats.  That right there says it all, don't you think?  

I had to stretch things to make today's prompt work even a little.

Brooke has always loved reading.  When she was tiny and innocent, I read to her all the time.  In this photo she is sitting in the very rocking chair where I probably read her her first book.  Though she and I have very different literary preferences, we both have a passion for the work of William Blake.  William Blake wrote 'Songs of Innocence"  and "Songs of Experience."  Connection made...that is as good as it gets today!