Sunday, September 1, 2013

244/365 Everywhere A Sign

"Not Your Kid's S'mores"

For some time we have been wanting to have a get together at the house.  It has but put off several times in hopes that all of the renovations would be finished.  We are not quite there, but close enough that we decided to go ahead with it tonight.  This seemed like a good way to begin the new school year.

it was fiesta time - empanadas, tacos, refried beans, corn,slaw and homemade salsa and guacamole.  Brooke did all of the cooking - except the carnitas.  Then there was dessert - almond shortbread, homemade coffee marshmallows,and  Mexican dark chocolate all drizzled with goat milk dulce de leche.  I don't usually care for marshmallows, but this was pretty darn good!

We had a fun evening.  I was so busy talking, eating and drinking a little her that I didn't take pictures of any people.  It was kind of strange that I never even thought to get my camera out.  Oh well, maybe next time.