Saturday, November 15, 2014

319/365-2 Give Thanks for the Beauty of Nature


After a morning rehearsal, I "took the day off."  I didn't do anything today that resembles work in any work for school and no household chores.  Right now this feels really good.  Tomorrow when I have to do laundry and prepare for school next week, I may be sorry for my day of irresponsibility, but right now I am feeling pretty darn good!

It was cold and wet here today.  I didn't have much inspiration or much incentive to go looking for the beauty of nature.  Truthfully, I am in a serious creative rut.  The best I could do was wander out into the yard hoping to find something.  Amidst the wash of brown that is our yard, I did notice this lone bloom on the Mexican Heather.  The pink really stood out against the non-color that surrounded it.  

I wish that I had the same will as does this little flower to persevere against all odds.