Thursday, October 2, 2014

275/365-2 Lines

"Great Grate"

My brain was quite tired tonight.  I had no idea what to shoot today and not much energy with which to think about it.  As Weber and I were driving through town on our way to dinner, I was looking for anything that had even the least bit of interest in its lines.  We passed the library and I decided that would do.  Since this is where Brooke works, it also has a bit of personal significance.

The library's entrance has lots of interesting lines assuming that you can get at the proper angle, which I could not.  There were cars in the way and I wanted to make sure that I avoided photographing any people because I was not in the mood to engage any strangers for permission to take their pictures.  When I finally found a position that would give me a reasonable shot at the lines, I realized that the trash can was smack in the middle.  Oh well...a few shots and I'm out of here.  I am too tired to try to solve this problem.

"Library Lines"

As I turned to head back to the car, the grate around one of the trees caught my eye.  It was during the golden hour and all of the fallen leaves and dropped flower petals that had made their way beneath the grate seemed to have taken on magical colors and the geometry of the grate itself was quite beautiful.  I'm sure all of the library patrons who passed by me were wondering what the heck I was photographing.  When all was said and done, the photo of the grate was my favorite.

This is a just for fun shot using some of yesterday's pumpkins.