Saturday, January 3, 2015

3/365-3 Open Possibilities


We had a great day with friends today.  We went to see Into the Woods.  I thought it was well adapted to the big screen.  Despite its basis on fairytales, it is not a children's movie.  Oh wait, fairytales were never really intended for children.  Someone forgot to tell this to the family in the back row with the screaming baby.  They did finally take the unhappy little person out to the lobby.  And then there was the pre-schooler in the second row... The other thing is, and this is rather sad, most children today do not know the stories of the fairytales well enough to understand or appreciate the mastery by which this particular story was constructed.  

The movie, because we went to the "earlybird" showing (translation: cheap) was over at 3:30.  We all had "lupper" together at a local Italian restaurant.  By the time we had finished eating, I had missed the good light for taking pictures.  Oh well...Weber and I went out to see what we could see.  I had fun playing with the possibilities.