Monday, September 16, 2013

259/365 What's In Your Bag

'Does Anyone Have A Pen?

The point of today's prompt was to document the things that you carry around in your purse or bag every day.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago with the "back to school" prompt, I don't carry a purse; I carry a backpack.  My backpack is full of stuff that is useful and necessary, but necessarily photo worthy.  I don't want pictures of all the papers I need to grade, or the binders of lessons, or the various notebooks of notes and sketches for various projects.  The only thing that seemed interesting to me in my bag was my pencil case.  It is full of cool office supplies and pens and pencils.  I love pens and pencils, not the fancy and expensive ones, just the fun ones.  I have a specific pen or pencil for every writing task.  There is the journaling pen and the crossword pencil, the composing pencil and the grading pen, the drawing pencil and the sketching pen.  Perhaps this is just a way to try and justify my ridiculous attraction to writing instruments.  All that to say that today I photographed a few of my favorites.