Wednesday, October 16, 2013

289/365 Forgotten

"Corner Store"

As is always the case on Wednesdays, my time for accomplishing the daily photo is very limited.  The thing that came to mind (and that was convenient because it is on the way to choir rehearsal) was this empty corner store.  It sits on a fairly busy corner, but it houses no businesses.  The more I thought about the notion of the building being forgotten, I realized that this corner store is symbolic of something much bigger that has truly been forgotten - the small, mom and pop, independent and locally owned shops and stores that used to be the mainstay of every town in this country.  Most of them are gone now because they can't compete with the big box stores and Internet commerce.  If the United States still relied on these kinds of businesses, nearly ten times more people would be employed than are now because so much of the work in the big stores is automated thus displacing the human worker.  It all comes down to how cheaply can the big guys get things done so that more money ends up in the pockets of CEO's.  I think what we have really forgotten is the value of human beings.