Wednesday, April 16, 2014

106/365-2 Where I Stand


Today's photo prompt is one of the recurring monthly prompts for 2014.  Its goal is to encourage us to literally look at the the places in which we stand during the day.  

Though my week started off chilly, it is finally beginning to look and feel like spring in Dallas.  This makes my walk from school all the more enjoyable.  I like seeing the newly planted gardens along my way and marking their progress from week to week.  I enjoy looking to see what new colors of blooms I will spy along my way.  The birds are chirping.  The squirrels are playing.  We even have a pair of ducks that has taken up residence, if not a permanent residence at least a frequently visited vacation home, in our yard.  New life surrounds me.  Though I have to confess that fall is hands down my favorite season, spring holds a close second.

As much as I enjoy my walk, I am always happy, at the end of my day, to reach the sidewalk leading up to the front door at home.  For some reason, I seem to be overly tired this week.  The fact that I was standing at the end of today was an accomplishment in itself.