Monday, January 28, 2013

28/365 Sunset

"At Sunset"

Beautiful sunsets are not uncommon around here, but today, when the prompt was "sunset", there was no sun to be found.  During the golden hour the sky was blanketed in heavy gray clouds being blown around by some fairly strong winds.  I had two choices for today's picture.  I could have dug through past images and found a sunset picture to satisfy the day's topic; or, I could take a picture that reflected my day today.  I opted for the second option.  A picture AT sunset rather than OF a sunset.  What''s a little shift in prepositions between friends?

We had just enough time to head home after school, let the dogs out, grab my camera and head to the park.  I was hopeful that maybe the sun would peek out just for a minute or two.  No such luck.  I took some pictures of the bare trees against the gray sky and some of the ducks swimming on the rippled water.  Weber then pointed out this egret catching the breeze.  It was so windy that I had a hard time holding my camera steady and he/she was moving quickly.  I wish this were a little sharper, but its not. I'll have to live with that.

I like the way the water looks.  Its texture is the result of the wind and the aperture setting.  The color is the reflection of the overcast skies.

Today is one of those days where credit comes from remaining faithful to the process of taking a picture every day rather than from creating an exceptional image.

I'll have to put a picture of a sunset on my to-do list.