Wednesday, December 11, 2013

345/365 Decorating

"Caffeinated  Thanks"

This is final exam week for me and things are a little chaotic because of school being cancelled on Monday due to the ice storm.  We are having to squeeze Monday's exams somewhere into the rest of the week.  The good news is that the deadline for submitting grades has been extended two days.  That gives me a little room to breathe.

I had two exams today; the first was at 9am.  This class is small, only 10 students, but they are mighty.  Not only did they show up prepared to present their final projects, they also came with food!  One student's mom made the most awesome egg rolls.  I think they are the best I have ever had.    Another student brought chocolate covered popcorn.  Fruit rounded out our morning snack.

After they had completed their presentations, this group surprised me with a gift.  This is college.  They don't have to give the "obligatory teacher present."  I was handed a gift bag filled with coffee samples from Addison Coffee Roasters, two HUGE mugs (one for me and one for Weber), and a very generous gift certificate for more coffee.  This group knows me well!  I was truly touched by the is class' thoughtfulness and generosity.  These are college kids.  Most of them are working and going to school, struggling to pay their own bills.  I was also humbled by messages they wrote to me in the accompanying cards.

This mug will decorate my desk and be a constant reminder to me of why I do what I do.