Sunday, March 16, 2014

75/365-2 Cheers

"Cheers to Caffeine!"

Spring break has come and gone way too quickly!  We didn't have any 'set in stone" plans for the week.  As it turns out, that made for a really enjoyable week off.  We got some things done around the house, a few "in town" chores taken care of and had a lot of time to spend with friends; that was the best part.

We ate out way more than usual during our time off, but in each case is was to enjoy food and fellowship with friends before or after having attended an event together - many of which were some kind of church or prayer service.  We did also see a theater production.  We are blessed to have a wonderful group of people with whom to share friendship and faith. With this group, I know that I am accepted and loved exactly as I am.  There is no better feeling in the world!

As our week off was coming to a close, I mused to Weber that if this is what retirement will be like, I am ready for it!