Sunday, March 31, 2013

90/365 Basket

"Egg Game 2103"

I have many pictures from our Easter Day together.  My intent is to write a longer post about our day, but I am too tired to do it tonight.  I will write and post about it tomorrow.  

This picture is from the playing of "the egg game."  From left to right the hands are Brooke, Erin, Edgar, Edgar's mom, and his little brother.  Weber, Jason and I were slow to get our hands in the eggs :-)

 One Easter when the girls were much younger, the Easter bunny brought with him rain.  That meant that the girls could not hunt for eggs outside.  As a substitute activity, I created a game involving game cards, eggs, candy and lots of treats.  It has become Erin's favorite Easter tradition, even now that she helps shop for the treats.