Monday, March 31, 2014

90/365-2 Garden


Confession time.  At this very moment my garden is non-existent.  I have dreams. I have plans.  I have seeds.  I have raised beds.  I have had no time.  I would love to have a bountiful garden this year.  It makes me happy to grow my own vegetables, but right now I just don't have the time to nurture a garden.  The flip side of a garden making me happy is that if it fails, it makes me incredibly unhappy.  I would rather not plant it than feel like a failure if I can't keep it going.

All that said, I was at a lost for garden pictures today.  I ended up wandering around the yard looking for something, anything that would pass for a garden photo.  The best I could do was a blooming "weed" in the grass.  This bright yellow flower was standing out in the middle of the grass all by itself.  It looked so happy, so cheerful, so proud.  And, it really is pretty.

If the irises had been blooming or the vegetables growing or even the trees budding, I probably would not have noticed this little yellow flower.  How often do we miss beauty in the small things because we have our intentions set on the big picture, on what we are "supposed" to see, or only on what we want to see.  Most of us don't want to see weeds in our lawns, but I am OK with this little bit of sunshine on the ground.