Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Vase, Photoshop, and Rumi

Today's Capture Your 365 photo prompt was color.  I love color!  This should have been so easy for me.  I am discovering though, that the prompts whose subjects are those about which I feel deeply connected are the one's that are most difficult for me.  I suspect that I over think them.

I finally decided that i would buy some colorful flowers this afternoon at the grocery store and photograph them in a colorful hand blown glass vase that Weber and I got while we were in Vermont on our honeymoon.  That was a great plan until I forgot to but the flowers.  The vase is pretty in its own right so I decided to photograph it empty.  I gave it my by shot (pun intended), but the photos did absolutely nothing for me.  I decided to see what would happen if I played with some fun techniques in Photoshop.  This is what I got.

I feel like the Photoshop Twirls are the photographer's answer to drawing mandalas, a practice which I also enjoy.  I simply went through a process with this and waited to see what emerged.  I must admit that I was surprised but the image that resulted here.  To me it looks like two hearts joined with a cross at the center.  That pretty much sums up my relationship with Weber and since the original image was that vase that we bought on our honeymoon,  the whole mood seemed to come together.

The quote from Rumi also seemed perfect.  Every day I am thankful for the person with whom I share my life, but today I am particularly thankful for his support of and inspiration for all of my creative endeavors.