Thursday, November 21, 2013

325/365 Grateful for Boundless Spirit

"Life Touched"

This month's Inspired class prompt is hands.  Yesterday while teaching a composition lesson I was stuck by the juxtaposition of my hand (top left) with that of my student's.  All I had was my phone, but with permission I snapped this shot.  As I thought about today's prompt, boundless spirit, this image resonated with me as being a perfect depiction for several reasons.

Personally, it speaks of my deep love of teaching and of music.  It also speaks of the truly boundless spirit of this student.  Let's just say that she refers to herself as my surrogate parent.  After retiring from a career as a professor herself, she has returned to the other side of the desk as a student studying music composition.  Here we are putting the final touches on a composition to be entered in the Daughter's of the American Revolution composition contest.

These hands also paint and sculpt and are learning to play the piano.  They have written books, planted flowers and petted dogs and cats.  

Though theoretically I am the teacher in this student-teacher relationship, I feel more like the student; It seems to me that I learn so much more than I teach during our time together - maybe not about composing, but about living life to its fullest.  I hope that when I am her age that I will embrace life with the same energy, joy and boundless spirit as does my student and friend.