Friday, March 15, 2013

74/365 Fields of Green

"Paint the Field Green"

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day; it definitely feels like spring.  The grass, however, is still looking like winter - brown and crunchy.  The only green growth seems to be primarily weeds, a sign that we are behind in applying the pre-emergent weed killer!  There were no pretty fields of green to photograph so my Lego mini artist decided to help me out by painting a green field.  If he works diligently, he should make it across the frame and paint away the pink stalks of the broadleaf weeds!

Spring is close, but the growing things are not quite convinced yet.  It it supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow.  I suspect that in the next week or two spring will be in full bloom.

73/365 Branch

"My Neck of the Woods"

Today's prompt of "branch" was probably meant to inspire some beautiful shots of budding spring trees.  We have a few of those around, but, as you can see, I took a different approach.  Being that I live in the city of Farmers Branch, I decided on one of those photos that falls into the "making it personal" realm.  This is our street sign with our city's logo.  And just for good measure, there are a few branches in the background.

Yesterday at 3:45 officially marked the beginning of my spring break.  The first order of business was a trip to the dentist to have a crown put on.  Once that was done, the break began in earnest.  In a fit of spontaneity, we took the train down to the Dallas Convention Center to the Dallas Auto Show.  We are tossing around the idea of a new car; the pros and cons lists are about equal.  To help us decide one way or the other, we went to the auto show where e could look at everything we are interested under one roof and without the pressure of a salesman.  Not only was it an informative excursion, it was also fun.  It may be the only time I sit in a Mercedes - unless of course I find some friends who are richer than I am, i.e. not teachers!

We got home around 10pm and had not had dinner.  At that point, food was at the top of my priority list and I forgot to post this picture.