Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cliches, I Can't Live With Them and I Can't Live Without Them

I must begin by saying that I really hate cliches. They are an unoriginal way to express original thoughts. Having said this however, I am going to annoy myself and say that in the last few days I have been struck by the notion that enormous gifts really do come in small packages. The package that I speak of is the tiny puppy we found abandoned a few weeks ago.

Harley is sweet, funny, cuddly, and quite bright. She also chews, bites with those sharp puppy teeth and has accidents in the house. The gifts she has given me far exceed the expected joys of raising a new puppy.

I must admit that when I decided to bring her home on that very cold Thursday, I was not looking forward to house training and all the other lessons that must be taught to a young canine. I was especially dreading the interrupted sleep that comes from middle-of-the-night trips outside and the crying that may come from being in a new environment. I have been pleasantly surprised on all accounts.

The first night we had Harley, she slept the entire night (my entire night which is midnight to 5:45 am) curled up in the crook of my arm. She did not wiggle, cry or wake to go outside. No accidents either! She and Adidas (our 2 year old lab) get along wonderfully. He takes his role as a big brother seriously. Now Harley spends a big part of her nights curled up against him. They share toys and bones and Adidas is getting better about sharing me. It is amazing to watch the bond between two animals grow and solidify. As I write this, they are sound to sleep-both in Adidas' bed under my desk. (The camera is never handy when I need it!)

Just like babies, when a puppy needs something, she need it right then, which will often be an incredibly inconvenient moment to the owner. I have found these moments to be the greatest blessings of all. I am forced to take an unscheduled break from work to take the dog out every few hours. While outside, I smile as she frolics in the emerging spring grass. I share her simple pleasure as she chases a blowing leaf, maybe for the first time, across the yard. I am reminded just how beautiful and refreshing the outdoors really is. A few minutes sitting outside quickly brings new energy to the staleness of the day's routine.

I am also grateful to my friends that had a "Puppy Shower" for us the other day. Harley received treats, toys, a bed, and a hand knit sweater! I feel a little guilty that many babies do not enter this world with as much. Though the presents are great, it is the support of friends that is truly the gift. Adidas thinks it is a good deal too. Everybody acknowledged that new big brothers need something a little special as well. He loves his "big boy bones" and Oreo cookies.

This is getting too sappy for me! I think I will sit for a few moments in my chair and say thank-you for all that I have been given. And, revel in the truth that I am as happy as a clam!