Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21/365-2 Play or Meal?

Geodesic Gnome Dome

Food photography is not my forte.  And, I am a firm believer that bad food photography is the worst kind of bad photography.  Every time a prompt surfaces that involves food, I tend to think, think, rethink, and was the case today.  To make matters worse, today's prompt implied that the food shot should be a clever...oh great.

I thought about it for awhile.  The picture below is my response.  It is a take on something I think I saw in an online article a year or so ago.  As far as my contribution, it is fairly uninspired, but it fit the bill.

I remembered after I took this that the girls wanted me to photograph the gingerbread house that they built over the weekend.  (We were out of town and our kitchen was overtaken.)  Brooke and Erin have made a tradition of building a gingerbread house together over the Christmas holidays.  However, now that they both have "grown-up" jobs, time did not allow for that during the real holiday season, so it was put off until now.  As I was photographing their gingerbread dome, I thought, "Well duh; this is a much better image of playing with food than was my silly fruit and shredded wheat."  And, it's more meaningful.  I am glad to have documented the yearly house building.

I think Mr. Gingerbread Man is a little concerned about the style, or lack thereof, of his new neighbor.  We'll see what the geodesic gnome dome does to the property values in their neighborhood.

Mr. Gnome is glad to meet his new neighbors.

A Gnome With a View...

I'm glad that my girls keep me entertained...the Legos were more contribution to their project.